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First solo XC AND your training bundle?! It’s like it was meant to be :wink:

I know all of those airports well. KMCC can be a little more challenging this time of year when the tower is in operation.

I hate to break it to you, but the mistakes don’t ever stop. It’s part of being human. Better to accept it now and to put more emphasis on appropriate responses to your mistakes instead of striving for perfection.


1/1 Passed!

Had my check ride today for private pilot and happy to report I did not bust :grin:

Was a pretty windy day and I think the DPE cut me a bit of slack since we were getting pushed up and down constantly. Landings at the diversion airport were full rudder deflection left crosswind side slips because the runway where the wind was blowing perfectly down the runway was closed due to a brush fire that they just put out next to the airport! I had a morbid thought that if something bad happened at least the firefighters were close by. Final landing back on KMCC Rwy 16 was a soft field with winds 190@13G21.

Now on to the real learning :nerd_face:


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Congrats Alex! You 100% earned it, and I am sure the DPE was super impressed with your crosswind landings - great job!

Congrats Alex!

One down and it’s a big one. You’re now a pilot! :slight_smile:

Very cool!


Congrats!! First one down and yes quite a big one! You’re a pilot now! Plus now you know the great mystery of how checkrides go so the next… well 6 won’t be quite as intimidating knowing what to expect. :slight_smile:


So happy for you Alex! Another pilot has been added to the ranks!

I’m curious if you took your checkride with anyone I know? Savage, Traud, Snider?


Thanks everyone, feels like a huge weight off my shoulders (for now).

Tory, I had my check ride at KMCC with Richard Conte. He’s really chill and does a great job making you feel relaxed (while still keeping track of every little thing you did wrong for the debrief). It’s hard to get on his schedule though, he’s much more communicative in person than over email.


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That is not a name that I am familiar with, but I am glad that he did his best to make you feel as comfortable as possible, as he should.

Again, congrats Alex. Good luck with instrument training.


Yeah I told him about my ATP plans and he said his schedule never quite lines up with the ATP requests. He limits his schedules to 2 months out and gets booked up almost immediately as soon as a new block becomes available.


Congratulations! That is fantastic! Keep up the good work and you will have many more successful check rides in your future.



Sorry I’m late to the party, but…Congratulations!!! :tada:

The first checkride gives the best idea of how the rest will be conducted and going forward, give you an opportunity to maybe study different if you think there was a deficiency in a study technique. I found my private to be challenging, but everyone after got easier because I adapted different study habits. Good luck going forward, excited to watch your journey.