Just wondering

@chris, I’m seeing more and more of United’s 777’s on domestic routes (lax-bos, ewr-den, sfo-ord, etc). Why is that? Do the more Senior pilots get first dibs on those flights?


It’s probably past Chris’ bedtime and I’m sure he’ll chime in the am, but think about it, why would an airline put a LARGER plane a route normally covered by a smaller one? Demand. It’s summer and summer is the busiest time of the year for travel. Kids are off from school and parents take vacation. Demand goes up and that means the airline can fill more seats. How do you offer more seats? Bigger plane.

Senior pilots get first dibs on EVERYTHING!



Ah, ok. Didn’t think about that lol


United has decided that the domestic market is more profitable than the international market, so a lot of the airplanes that used to fly overseas are now flying domestically. As Adam said, seniority rules everything with the airlines.


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