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Looking at kneeboards for my ipad mini 2. As with everything there are lots of options with some actually mounting to the yoke. Are kneeboards necessary or just another item that collects dust? If so is the yoke mount a good option for a student?

Hi Mike,

Kneeboards are a personal preference but I got a tremendous amount of use from mine and found it an essential tool to have. There’s no desk in the cockpit (until you get to an Airbus) and it’s nice to have something to write clearances, notes etc on as well as keeping things organized. Personally I never liked anything attached to my yoke (changes the feel) but that’s me.


I am going to agree with Adam on this, I found my kneeboard to be absolutely essential for holding approach plates (which sounds so old fashioned now) and for holding paper to write on. I would stay away from the yoke mounted ones, I do not like anything to interfere with the flight controls.

Yes I agree here with Adam and Chris. Don’t get the yoke mount, I guarantee you will find it uncomfortable.

I started out with a trifold that you can strap around your thigh but I quickly got rid of that and just used a small clipboard and the iPad mini 2. (without knee straps) The cockpit is too small for those things and I just kept them in the side pocket until I needed to use them.


Also, there were always a few kneeboards in the lost and found at the training center that were never claimed (probably because the are not practical ;)). See if you can find one and try it out on a flight before you buy one.


Thanks for the tips guys. We’ll see if OGD has one sitting in a corner to start with and maybe I can leave it in the corner later on for some other beginning student.
And FTR I got my “box o’books” from ATP the other day. Now to start diving in. I’ll likely start by transferring my flight hours over to the new logbook they sent and then download the LogTen Pro to start with the electronic version from the get go. I noticed ForeFlight has a logbook but I have no idea of it’s capabilities to sync with any other program. -Mike

I see on their website that ATP recommends the iPad Air 2, does that get a little big in the cockpit?

I don’t see the iPad 2 being too big, in fact I think that the iPad mini would be too small and would make it difficult to read the approach plates.


I’ve spent a lot of time in the Seminole and the 172 and no I think the iPad 2 would be just fine size wise. In fact it’s just about kneeboard size. Curious why you think it wouldn’t be?


Then kneeboard I have now is probably the size of a iPad mini, I guess I would have to take the iPad flying to get a real feel for it i guess.

Thank you guys!


I had the mini and it got the job done. It fits in the Bose A20s case pocket along with a small clipboard so it is also very convenient.


Interesting point about them fitting in an A20 case. I just picked up a pair of those too. Can’t wait to get flying!

I bought a really nice knee board before my training with ATP and after two flights I sold it to another student. I hated it. Every time I tried to look down at it I would unknowingly push the yoke and start a decent. I bought a small clipboard and paper that I keep in the seatback pocket of my instructors seat to use when needed. I bought a ram mount for my iPad mini and love it! Keeps my iPad (with ForeFlight and all my approach plates) right at eye level and off to my left without obstructing my view. The one question I always get has to deal with examiners and before anyone asks, I have never gotten any grief from an examiner for using this set up on any of my previous check rides (private single, instrument, private multi).

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