Knowledge tests validity and starting date


The site says: “test results are valid for 2 years so don’t take them too early.”
My ATP start-date is Oct 1st, and I just took PAR. Is my date too far ahead potentially causing PAR to expire too soon?

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We offer that caveat just in case someone isn’t completely sure of their timeframe. If you’re kinda thinking Oct but it might be next June, or next… you might not want to get too ahead of things. Two years is a fair amount of time so as long as you’re reasonably certain you’re looking at Oct that’s fine. It’s just a matter of letting people know the tests do expire, they’re not very much fun to take so it be a shame to have to have to take them twice.


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That’s great news! (I’ll start November then - make the move across the country less stressful…).

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I would not delay a start date for the purposes of completing written exams. If you do happen to complete them early, that is great, but the program is actually designed for the writtens to be completed while you are in it.