Laid off

I am in the IT field and I have been working for the same company for the past 15 years. I was laid off in August and I am finding it very difficult to find a new job. I see a job posting that is 4 hours old and already has 150 applicants. I become 151.
I am not current with what employers are looking for.
I am thinking of becomming a pilot. I am 50 years old, I will be 51 on 12/1
How long does it take to achieve the commerical pilots license?
I feel I am so very lost today and I could use some guidance from other pilots.


To go from zero flight experience to the right seat of a Regional or LCC will take approx 2-2.5yrs. That’s 7mos of training full-time and then building time flight instructing. The cost of training will be over $100k and frankly not everyone is successful. Further, mandatory retirement for pilots is 65 so you’d be looking at a 12yr career.

If you have a strong desire to fly then by all means, but this isn’t something Id do simply out of frustration.


I thak you for your reply. I’m looking at pilot school not only out of frustration, I am looking for something I enjoy and is stable. When I was younger, I enjoyed playing Fligh Simulator on my Commodore 64. I am looking at all options, I’m not sure what to do.


Keep looking. The airlines are notorious for instability. Right now, even as passenger carriers are suffering without enough people to hire, the cargo carriers are laying off pilots. A single event, like another 9/11 or COVID-23, and the airlines will be furloughing thousands again overnight. But if you really want to do it, it’s just something to take into account.


First things first, go take a discovery flight at a local flight school. Enjoying playing a flight simulator as a kid is very different than the realities of being an airline pilot. It’s incredibly expensive and paying it off in your remaining 12 years while also saving for retirement will be tricky. Also the airline industry is known for being anything but stable. Things are great right now but it just takes one event to have furlough notices flying out the door. If you want stable, there’s better jobs for that that could being you joy without such a huge financial risk.

If flying is a dream, you have the cash flow and are okay with the remainiung time you have left, then by all means. But please go take a discovery flight first!