Layovers With Crew Members

I understand that some airlines are different than others, but are there times when pilots/crew members do things together during layovers. I know that Adam has mentioned before that he likes his alone time, as do I. However, I am also a huge extrovert and like being around people (to a limit obviously.) My current job is a lot of days off (20 a month) but I work 24 hour shifts with some of my best friends I’ve ever had and we are constantly doing things together on our days off. I have spoken with an SWA pilot that told me he has flown with the same captain only twice otherwise it has been a new one every time. Basically, I would love to see the places I travel to but would also like to do it with friends/coworkers. Does this happen or is it pretty rare/nonexistent? I recently went to the Dominican Republic and stayed in an all inclusive resort. One group of people there was a crew from an airline (not sure which one or even if it was a US carrier) but they said they had a 4 day layover and they all seemed like they new each other very well. On another note I thought it was pretty cool that an airline put these people up in an all inclusive resort for 4 days for free that we were paying a lot of money for. Thanks for any input you can give me.


This is America and you can do whatever you like (or not). As I said I enjoy my alone time (the airline term is “slam clicker”) but many people are very social and have a grand ole time on their overnights. It’s not that I’m anti-social, there are basically 2 reasons I do what I do (or don’t). 1) I like to do what I want to do. If I want to go to a museum I want to go to a museum and if you ask a group of people what they want to do inevitably someone will say “can’t we do something else”. 2) More times than not when large groups of crew go out it often involves alcohol and no good ever comes from that. Regardless you’ll fly with people who’s company you enjoy and others you won’t. They’ll be people you’ll want to hang with and others you won’t. You’re a grown up and it’s entirely up to you what you do or don’t do.


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At may airline there are so many pilots that it is rare to fly with the same guy or gal twice in a year. Also, flight attendants very rarely stay at the same hotels that we do, so it is usually just the two pilots hanging out. I prefer to open my overnights by myself, but some people like to hang out with other crew members, the option is usually there.


That’s what I figured but just wanted to be sure. Thanks for the quick response