Learning to fly at 49

Hello, I’ve started my Private Pilot licence training. I’ve just started, 5 sessions down(which is good going considering the poor weather for months!). I have a career already but would like to change. I am 49 years old and would like to seek out a Commercial Pilot career but for Regional airlines. I would like to complete my Private Pilot licence by June 2019 and then go to start my “Modular Ab-Initio ATPL Training” The Website advertises to train to Frozen ATPL for £55,000 from a very well known Airport). I do not mind paying this money and to complete the training over two years which I am happy to do. I do not know if this training will allow me to work for an aviation company and feel a little uncertain because of my age, I will be 52 years of age when completed. Apart from being happy and content at training in something that I love, I don’t want to spend this money if no one will hire me.

In your experience, from a 52 year old, wanting to work for regional in UK and studied the modular route, is there still an opportunity to be hired for Regional airlines?



This website is designed for US based pilots and as such our knowledge is limited to US rules and regulations. I suggest you contact resources in Europe as the whole industry is very different over there.


That is June 13, not June 2013. Only three months ago.

Sorry about that. I am new. I use another forum platform at work that uses a different date format.

No worries at all :slight_smile: