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Less dual instruction for Instrument Rating

EDIT: Sorry for the poorly worded question, I think there was some confusion with what I was trying to ask. Regardless, I understand the severity and importance of competent, safe instrument pilots and will work hard with my instructor for 50+ hours to master these skills.



A resounding “NO” from me. Flying an airplane is dangerous enough.
Instrument flying is even more dangerous, and I’m afraid for you just
thinking about it. Don’t jeopardize your life, and potentially other
people’s lives, because you want to “save some money.” Do your instrument
training with a qualified and competent flight instructor. Please.


I have to whole heartedly agree with Tory on this one. Instrument flying is incredibly complex and difficult to master, you need quality instruction from a qualified instructor. Two private pilots trying to blindly teach each other how to fly instruments is a very, very bad idea.

Besides that, you would have an incredibly difficult time finding a CFI who would be willing to sign you off for your checkride. As a CFI, there is no way I would touch that one.

Please don’t think that we are beating up on you, I completely get the desire and need to save money. We just want you to be safe out there.



Aside from the danger the other 2 mentors have pointed out (very kindly I might add. I would not have been so nice). Legally you actually both should be logging the PIC time (see FAR 61.51). Regardless If I were the owner of the plane your renting and found out that’s what you were doing I’d immediately ban you from my FBO and report you to the FAA. But that’s me.