Let the journey begin!


I have been approved through Sallie Mae for financing to attend ATP. As it sit’s right now I should be attending the Mesa, AZ location starting between June and September depending on my end of service date in the Army. I will be starting the program with my PPL and roughly 125-130hrs TT. I should also complete my Instrument and possibly commercial written exams. I chose the Mesa location for the two start dates per month, and from what I’ve heard there is great flying weather there. All though, it can get a little warm in the summer!

I’m beyond excited to finish my certification with ATP in a quick paced environment. I feel that I am more cut out for the part 61 style of training. I’m entirely confident because of my ability to push through my PPL with A LOT of self-study and motivation, that I do not forsee ATP being too difficult for me. I chose to take the financing option over using my GI Bill and having everything paid for. I do not feel that an aviation degree gives me a whole lot of added knowledge that I can’t already study and learn about on my own. I also do not feel that the aviation degree gives me enough options if, in fact, I were not able to fly for whatever reason. I’m going to either utilize my GI Bill to finish my Bachelors or if I do make enough money to pay for it myself, I can pass on my benefits to my children. Being that I’m 33, I really want to get into the airlines ASAP. Sure, going through a college course may be free for me, but free isn’t always a better option. I’d be looking at 3-5 years before I could step into an airline on an R-ATP. I firmly believe that ATP school is the true magic ticket and simplest way to get to the airlines. Though it is not the cheapest option, the career potential earnings far supersede the initial investment (Thanks Adam for that bit of knowledge and direction).

Anyways, the vast amounts of knowledge from both Chris and Adam were very pivotal in helping me decide my path to push on and achieve my goal of becoming a professional pilot!


Congratulations on making the decision and getting approved!

Thank you for your kind words, I am glad that we were able to play some small role in you embarking out on this adventure.

Please keep us updated as you go through the program.


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Glad we could help Tyler. Please keep us posted and as always feel free to ask any and all.


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Thank you gentleman! I will for sure keep you in the loop!