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Hello all, my name is Adam Bradshaw and I am a career changer. I began my professional life as a police officer in 2012 and have been one ever since. Flying has been a life long passion of mine and nothing but a regret as I gave up numerous opportunities throughout the 90’s and early 2000’s from military rotary to private scholarship opportunities. I guess we all have times that we wish we could return to and re-engange. On the 30th of this month I start with ATP. There will be no more holding back and nothing but moving forward. This is an amazing community and I cannot wait to find the success and happiness this careers brings in the years to come. For now, here comes the hard work!!! #zerotoairline


Welcome Adam!

You’re about to take a HUGE first step towards that career change and realizing your passion.

Have you started on your writtens? While not a requirement it can definitely give you a leg up.


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Welcome to the forums and CONGRATS on your start date! :tada: Thank you for your service as a police officer, I applaud (from an active volunteer firefighter like myself). Please let us know if you have any questions and keep us updated throughout your program. :smiley:

Check out this thread posting by our Pilot Mentor Tory: What does an ATP student need to do to be successful?.


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I have not yet, this whole process moved fast but I am preparing for them now! Thank you!


Welcome to the forum! To begin with, thank you for your service as a Police Officer. I for one am very appreciative of what you do to help keep our communities safe.

Thank you for introducing yourself. Please check in as you go through the program and feel free to ask us any questions that you might have.


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Excited to follow your progress, Adam! Thank you for introducing yourself.


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I left police work back in 2015/2016 while a student with ATP. There’s a lot of former LE in aviation. Congratulations on the career change and enjoy the ride!


Congratulations on your start date! Please let us know if there is anything that we can assist with in the meantime.


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Chris, thank you!

Arthur, thank you brother! I would be interested in hearing your story if you ever have time! 8 years in for me plus 2 years reserve time to start prior to full time. Aviation has always been a go and I have had opportunities but always got cold feet. Then I realized throughout my career we have one life to live so lets make the best of it!

After the Marines I joined law enforcement. I enjoyed it but it was just a job I never “wanted” to be a police officer. I signed up for ATP around 2011 but when AA went bankrupt I got cold feet since I had a one year old at home and backed out. Fast forward a few years and another kiddo later and I decided it was now or never.

I enrolled in ATP’s old self paced program and started training on my days off. I did this for about a year but when the PD really started getting in the way I resigned my full time position (10.5 years in) and transitioned to a part time position. Finished all my ratings except CFI six months later and got my first job flying. I ferried Cessna 172/182 for a dealer for six months before I got hired at Great Lakes. I flew at Great Lakes for seven months before getting furloughed when the company shut down. I’ve been flying Citations for a local 135 Charter company since then. I’ve been flying professionally for four years now and just hit my 1,500 hours last month. I’m returning to ATP this Friday to do my ATP-CTP course. Then who knows what I’ll do next or where I’ll go.



Thank you for the update, it has been great to read your updates and watch you progress through your career. Keep them coming.