Light at the End of the Tunnel

Wow, how time flies!

Passed my Comm. Multi add-on checkride this past Sunday afternoon. Now studying for MEI, and my checkride is scheduled for next Wednesday. It’s hard to believe that it’s been just over 5.5 months since I started the program, and that I am almost done! If all goes well Wednesday, I will finish the program at exactly the 6-month mark, plus 3 days…right on schedule, as promised.

It’s been quite a journey through the program, and looking forward to the next step. :grinning:


Michael, congrats!! Great achievement and good luck on you Wednesday checkride.


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Awesome accomplishment. Please let us know when you have completely finished the program. Almost there :slight_smile:


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Is that 6 months with the PPL already or from zero time?



That was 6 months coming in with credit for Private.

Thanks for the info and congrats on your accomplishment! I hope to join you in the skies soon!

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Congrats Mike, it must feel great to have this step behind you. You got the ratings done is 6 months, which is amazing! My question is, how accurate were the estimation of hours and fees? Did you need 20 - 30 percent more flying (and costs), or where the estimates for the program right on the money ?



I’m sure Mike will respond but why would you think he (or anyone else) would requires 20-30% more flying?


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I’m also curious (like Adam) where you saw anything about 20-30% extra?

I did not require any extra hours or fees, and actually at most stages I finished each stage with a few hours left over (some of these you can roll into a later stage, some you can’t; for instance, I opted out of crew when I met the minimum hours to do so and applied the extra hours to Commercial Single engine, so I had more time to practice the Commercial maneuvers).

Overall, as mentioned in my previous post, the program advertises 6 months from Credit Private to completion, and I will end the program at exactly the 6-month mark plus 3 days, which I certainly consider right on time! :sunglasses:

As far as fees, there were no hidden fees or unexpected surprises for the most part. The only thing I didn’t realize was, I had to discontinue my CFI initial checkride due to weather (passed the oral portion but couldn’t fly that day due to low ceilings.) I had to pay $450 to continue on the day I flew, which came out of the checkride fees in my loan. They do not account for that, so essentially that leaves me on the hook for $450 now to put towards my last checkride (MEI)…thank God for tax returns! :grinning:

That portion was not discussed with finance when I took out the loan; I’m not sure if they allow you to add some extra into the loan as a cushion or not (perhaps someone else is familiar with this?) If they do, I would certainly suggest doing so.

But other than that, right on time and budget as promised! :sunglasses:


Yes, you can add a bit to the loan app (at least sallie mae). But it may affect your loan rate.

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Nice work Michael! How many hours did you have when you entered the program?

Where are you working at all during this time?



Thank you!

I had 87 hours total if memory serves me correctly.
I accepted a position outside of ATP back home at the school I got my PPL at.

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