Loans for flight program

I’ve seen other posts talking about how difficult it is to get loans for the flight program. Just because im cautious I want to ask, If I have low debt to income ratio and I have a fairly good credit score (750 or higher) should I expect to have any issues being approved? The only issue I could see is not having a long credit history (less than 5 years).


You’d have to have to talk to finance but in all likelihood you’re going to need a cosigner. Flight training is expensive and these loans are unsecured. They’re generally not looking for “good credit” they want exceptional.


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Unfortunately I don’t have anyone that would be able to cosign for me.

Totally in the same boat. Finding a cosigner is really making the progress difficult


Please call the admissions department and ask to speak to somebody in finance. Many people are now getting approved without co-signers through Sallie Mae. The only real way to find out is to apply and see what happens.