Location Changes?

With ATP having so many different locations in several states is it possible to change locations after the 7 months or are you locked into your initial location for the whole 2-2 1/2 years it takes you to complete ATP? I currently live in California (bay area) and we were planning on moving to Oregon (near Portland) in June 2025.


It’s possible but this is actually an important detail. While you can train at any location, the location you instruct at is not guaranteed (nor is a position).

When you complete the 7mos of training, provided you do so successfully (min checkride busts, no incidents and overall good behavior) you will be offered an open position at one of ATPs location where there is one. The location you trained at may not be available (nor any other you think you’d like). Hopefully one of the open slots works for you but if not you’ll either have to relocate or seek employment elsewhere.



You have an opportunity to transfer locations as an instructor, while it may not be feasible to do so, life happens, HOWEVER, it will come to seniority or needs at a training center. Maybe you need to move back home or ATP opens a location closer to home that you desire. Receiving a job offer by ATP you MUST be in good standing (as Adam mentioned). Some training centers have waitlists for instructing positions and timeframes for a slot may be months out, hence why we recommend being flexible and should weigh pros/cons. If this is something you could find yourself doing, you’ll find a way to make it work.


Thank you for your responses. It gave me alot to think about.


You don’t mention when you plan on starting the program. It’s advised not to move during the 7 month program. It’s possible, but not ideal since it can create unnecessary delays. Once you complete the program it’s all up to timing and chance where you end up instructing.