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Location concerns

Hey guys,
Looking to start here pretty quickly. I’ve been looking into school at Wiley Post in OKC, OK. I see on their website that they only have one aircraft??? I assume they have only a few students? Any insight on this would be appreciated.
Also considering the move to Dallas. Regarding my last concern, would this make sense? Curious about the student/aircraft ration in Dallas.
Thanks all!


This really shouldn’t be a concern. PWA is a brand new location. It opened some time in October of 2020. As the location grows more aircraft will be flown in to support the demand.

Moving to Dallas, or anywhere for that matter is completely up to you, but the program is the exact same no matter which location you attend. I would choose the location nearest you for convenience.

Welcome to the forum, btw :blush: what other questions do you have?



As Tory said that really shouldn’t be a concern. ATP allocates airplanes with a specific airplane to student ratio they’ve worked out over 35+yrs of the program. Whether your location has 1 or 100, you’ll receive the same quality of training and access to the equipment.

Choose a location based on what works best for you.



The website may show 1 airplane currently because planes are routinely being ferried to new locations based on student ratio or maintenance, all ATP planes are maintained by in-house A&P/IA’s. The other consideration is that the delay between the servers and uplink for the website which shows one plane when there could be two or three already. There are times that my training center has an airplane or two while we wait for a third or fourth from a crew bringing it in.

Check our Admin Justin’s response on another thread regarding on-location equipment:
Simulators at different ATP locations



As the others have mentioned, all locations start with one instructor and one aircraft. As we have more students enroll in that location, more aircraft and instructors will be placed there to support the demand. Every location starts this way.

I typically recommend attending the location that is the most convenient to you. All training is going to be standardized, so the only major difference that you’ll see across our different locations is the weather.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions in the meantime,