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Hi guys,

So I want to start my process to enroll into the Airline Career Pilot Program but have a question… How soon should I start the process? (I am looking for the first class medical before anything). I want to start in Febuary but am not sure if it’s too late to start the process. The reason I’ve waited is because I want to pay off my existing debt before applying for the full amount. Finance dept told me that I would have an answer the next day so I figured it’s still ok.

On another note, I’m thinking of applying for the Daytona area. What do you think?


I would apply a few months out, if you want to go in February I would absolutely be applying now. Keep in mind that your credit score/report can take up to 90 days to update once you have paid off your debt. Talk to the admissions counselors as they are the experts, but I would say that you should be applying 2-3 months out.

Daytona would be a great place to do flight training, it is well known for its great weather which has made it a hot bed of flight training for decades. And don’t forget about those beautiful nearby beaches for when you get a day off :slight_smile:


Great advice! Thank you Chris!

Anytime, feel free to ask any other questions that you think of.



Just to mirror Chris, it’s not too late for Feb but you need to start moving AND definitely get on that medical just in case because if there’s a problem you won’t be able to start.

As for Daytona the best location is the one that’s best for you.