Locations and Weather

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I’m curious what impact weather has on time to completion both as a student and as a pilot. I realize weather impacts flight times, but how extreme does the weather have to be to keep you out of the sky? Will just a little rain do it or does it have to be a heavy storm. The reason I ask is because I know my location as a CFI is part my choice/part dependent on availability. Let’s say Seattle is available; it’s a part of the country I think is great, but it also rains all the time there. Could the large amount of rain slow my climb to 1500 hours as a CFI (or to program completion as a student)?



This question comes up all the time and our answer is always the same. EVERY region is the country has its weather challenges. Since the weatherman get predict what’s going to happen next Tues, the chances of you or anyone else predicting what’ll be weather wise for a year and a half is impossible.

Choose a location that works for you and you’ll be fine. If there was a “best” location (for any reason), word would be out and everyone would go there.


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Good on you for thinking ahead and how each decision could impact your training. Luckily, ATP wouldn’t have a location established if students there were consistently getting delayed in their programs.

Instructors have guidelines about what kind of weather is safe to operate in and what isn’t. The key to staying on time, getting grounds and sim work done when the weather hits so that flying can be done once it’s clear.

Stick with the location that works best for you and leave your program timeline stress to the instructors and training support staff. It’s their job to figure out how to get your training done efficiently, on budget and on time.



As Adam mentioned, every location has its weather challenges. I will say that ones in the Pacific Northwest are probably a bit more impacted by weather than others.

With flight instructing, weather that might not be considered bad to a person on the ground, or to an airliner. might have a large impact on the ability to fly. Low cloud ceilings are the biggest thing that can get in the way of flight training.