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This is probably a dumb question. I want to give someone who is beginning their Private Pilots Training a log book for a gift. He fully intends on a career as a pilot. Should I give him the professional log book or should I just give him a basic one for students? I thought it would be nice to do the larger one so all his “steps” would be in one book, however, I don’t want to put him in a position where other students think he’s conceded. Thanks.


The Master logbook is really nice and as you say will stay with him throughout. I also wouldn’t worry about other students. The real problem is the Master book is actually quite large and heavy and it’s not something he’s going to want to shlep to training etc.

There are many nice gifts for newbies that need probably find more useful (E6-B, nice pair of sunglasses, mini flashlight w/red lens). The list is long. Perhaps you could speak with his instructor on the DL and see what they recommend?



If you want to get him a nice logbook I recommend Jeppesen’s Professional Logbook. A lot of students are actually logging their flight time electronically, but I think there’s something nostalgic about a paper logbook but I’m the type of person that prefers hard copies over digital. Your friend can transition to an electronic logbook later if they want but for now, can’t go wrong with Jeppesen. They are somewhere in the range of $20-$30.

Not a dumb question by the way.


That’s a nice idea! The Jepp logbook that Tory suggests is the one I recommend as well. It is a bit bigger to lug around but is a quality book that he will have with him for years.
What Adam suggests is a great idea too. There are lots of extra supplies a new student pilot will need that are great gift ideas as well… an electronic E6B, flashlight, non-polarized sunglasses, a knee board for the cockpit, etc. There are tons of fun aviation themed T-shirts that can be a fun little gift as well!.


Thank you for the responses and great ideas


I am going to add my voice to the chorus here and vote for the large Jeppesen logbook. It is the industry standard.


Thanks again for the responses. The Jeppesen is on its way.

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