Looking at 4 flight schools along with ATP

Hello I know this is ATP web page and reading all the answers is very helpful. Love to get feed back from you on these 4 schools as I am looking to start my flight training and looking at ATP . I am finishing college in May and planning on starting my training in June. It’s either CA or FL for me and one of these schools or ATP.

  1. Coast flight school in CA
  2. California flight Academy
  3. Florida Flyers Flight Academy
  4. Epic flight training.

I really like southern CA as I have family in the area but I heard the FL schools are also very good.

I am planning on touring the FL schools in spring and will be visiting the CA schools in the next few weeks. What should I look for to see if it is the right place for me?

Any advice would be much appreciated.


Perhaps others will chime in but as you pointed out this is ATPs website and all the mentors and most of the contributors are current or former students. Frankly I’ve never heard of the 4 schools you mention (nor do I know a single pilot who’s trained at them) but ever since the pilot shortage flight schools with “professional”, “career” and “airline” training programs have been popping up like weeds. Some legitimate, some not. Everyone has a nice website and many let you wear pilot uniforms (for reasons I can’t fathom) but none are cheap and I would be more impressed with a track record of results.

What I can tell you is ATP has been doing it for over 3 decades and has placed literally thousands of pilots at the airlines. More so they were doing it when getting hired took more than just having 1500hrs and a pulse. As always I encourage you to do as you’re doing and gain as much information as you can. Do your research and make a well informed decision.


Thanks for the feedback - I appreciate it . Well none of these 4 schools just popped out of the weed and been around for many years .


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Just to clarify, what I said was “flight schools with “professional”, “career” and “airline” training programs have been popping up like weeds”. The fact is 10 years ago you could count on one hand the schools that would train a pilot to the point of being a professional. Great example is American Flyers. A fantastic organization (I just renewed my CFI with them) and they’ve been around since 1939. They’re strength, niche, or whatever you want to call it has always been primary, instrument and their VERY successful CFI renewals. They only recently stepped into the foray of the “Airline Academy”. Am I saying they’re bad or not legit? Not at all, I’m simply saying this is a new phenomenon that ATP pioneered.


Epic flight academy is a great school with good aircraft and they also have partnerships with regional airlines so you can interview with 500 hours. They also have a partnership with Ameriflight that will pay back 100% of your tuition cost but you have to work at Ameriflight for 5 years (kindve long in this market unless you’re 18 or 19 now its not a bad deal) I wouldn’t recommend Florida Flyers. I have nothing to say about either of the schools in California.

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Thank you Aaron for replying.

“ATP pioneered” really? I was hoping for some honest answers and a few others were kind enough to do so. When I called the ATP office, I got a very similar: “better than you” attitude and the sales person sounded like they were telemarketers. I did not get that sense from all the other schools , So I decided to come here to get a feel.

Quite frankly it was a huge turn off and one reason I am looking at other schools.

Yes really :slight_smile:

Clearly we’ve gotten off on the wrong foot and you seem bothered so I’ll bow out of the conversation. I wish you good luck in your search and in realizing your aviation ambitions.


Hey Adam, I have browsed this forum for a while and even read a majority of it. There are times you do come off as a bit too direct for some but that does not mean to imply you’re wrong or giving bad advice/opinion. It seems that some people come here looking for someone to rubber stamp their opinions / preconceived notions and do not appreciate advice that does not fit the direction they want to go. Please do not let “them” get you down and keep giving your honest opinions. I and many others find it very valuable and appreciate the time you and the other Mentors volunteer on our behalf. Thanks - Ed

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TY Tory - Ed

Thank you Ed.

What’s strange to me is I’ve actually tried to “tone it down” a bit as people seem to be getting combative lately but it seems like it’s getting worse. For better or worse I am who I am so… :slight_smile: