Looking for a mentor

Hey everyone,
I have decided to make my childhood dream come true by becoming a pilot. I am currently finishing up my master in finance, and I am just doing some self study before starting pilot school. I am looking for someone that would love to be a mentor to me.


This forum functions as a virtual mentor where you can ask any and all questions.

Feel free to browse your way through and return with any specific questions you have.



You’ve come to the right place! Not only are there four of us with the title “Pilot Mentor” here on the forum… there are also thousands of other pilots in various stages of their careers who could help bring valuable insight to your path.


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Feel free to share your questions as there is thousands of hours in airline experience, knowledge and wisdom that is ready to help. While you may have a specific question, feel free to indulged in our schedules, flying the line, and student experiences as well.