Looking for corporate or charter opportunities

I’m a commercial/instrument-rated, 2600+ hour, ASEL pilot with 2100+ hours flying a Cessna Turbo Centurion. No multi time. 2nd Class Medical. I’ve got over 2200 hours of x-country and have flown round-trip across the continent at least 6 times in the past 25 years

Up to now, flying has been primarily an avocation and a means to take me to places for business. Now I want to take advantage of my rating and hours and fly in a corporate or charter operation. (My age rules me out of working for the airlines.) Seeking advice and insights into what options are out there for my current capabilities, as well as what additional training would be a wise choice.


I would def be looking at a multi rating. That simply will open up this the possibilities. Beyond that its a matter of pounding the pavement and looking for opportunities.



As Adam said, you will certainly need a multi-rating. You might also need some multi-time. Corporate jobs can be a bit difficult to get, it often takes knowing somebody or having really good qualifications. You might need to consider getting your ATP license somewhere along the way.


ASEL will limit you to smaller part 91 and 135 jobs.

Avg pay for those is likely $40k-80k.

Quest Diagnostics flies PC12 and Barons.
PIC gets $100k salary and bonus / OT pay.
Plane Sense is nice but pays less.
The PC12 gigs in Florida and Caribbean I hear are not that great.
People love Caravan with Tropic Ocean or the company in Hawaii

Getting the Comm multi is a good option.

Chris F

For all the big charter companies (ie Netjets, flex jet, XO jet, mountain aviation, wheels up, etc) you will need a minimum of a commercial multi license and at least 250 hours multi for insurance reasons. A year ago, an ATP was also required (either have it or be eligible to get it with your type rating). You should work on knocking out the multi and those 250 hours. Research the hiring requirements and then start throwing out your application and see.

Thanks all for the opinions and suggestions.
While I’m always up for additional training (multi-commercial and ATP), I’m also open to considering gigs that might be more varied or limited in growth. Here’s some additional info:
I’m probably looking for a 3-5 (maybe 10) year gig. I’m settled in Southern California and would consider gigs from San Diego up to LA. Not looking to build a big career at this point, but could be interested in a small flight operation flying passengers or cargo. Flying a Pilatus or Caravan would be a good fit, just would need the type rating.

I’m glad you’ve found this forum helpful in the past. We can give general advice on how to set yourself up for your next job… networking, flight training required, etc. However, the finding the specific jobs you’re looking for will require some research on your part. There are plenty of job sites out there but the one I find most helpful is climb to 350. There is a basic membership required that’s not expensive. You can filter through hundreds of new job postings daily and apply right through the website. Feel free to reach out with any further questions! Good luck and keep us updated!



Thanks for the resource info Hannah!

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