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Looking into ATP

So I’m currently in the military, likely getting out soon and was thinking about starting with ATP as soon as I get out. I have bills such as a car payment, do you recommend a part time job to pay for the bills? what did you guys do to manage payments with such a intensive program?


It is not possible for ATP students to work whilst enrolled in the program. The program is a highly condensed one and requires the student to be fully engaged and available to train.

Many students take out extra money on their loans to cover living expenses. I recommend talking to the admissions counselors at ATP about this as they can answer financing questions better than we can.


Oh okay, thank you for your help

I have one more question, how long do writtens stay valid for, as far as between the time you take the written and the checkride

Twenty-four months, after that they expire.

I think that’s actually a written test question :slight_smile:


Thanks for your help!