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Lying on an FAA Medical Application

Lest you think this is a joke:



Lying on an FAA medical while claiming benefits from the VA? How dumb can one be?

Agree not smart. However I have a friend who did his 20 years in the military and has sleep apnea, which qualifies for VA disability benefits. He was up front with the FAA and got the waiver and no issues.

So if you have a medical issue don’t lie or try to hide it. Most of the time if it isn’t a significant issue and you disclose it you will be fine. It might take some extra steps to get approved. On the flip side, if you lie about it or hide it then you are screwed. And if you have a significant medical issue and shouldn’t be flying that is unfortunate but they have medical exams and standards for a reason.

One of the biggest fears for pilots is not getting medical clearance or losing it. But it isn’t worth risking your health and safety and the safety of passengers if you are not medically safe to fly.

Just my 2 cents.