Major Airline Pilot Question (Regional or International)

I am a senior in high school starting my flight training at JC Air. However, I have a question: can you decide if you want to fly regionally or internationally as a first year pilot at a major airline, or is this choice based on seniority?

Thank you.


When a pilot is hired at a major airline, they don’t choose between regional vs international flying necessarily. A new hire bids for their preferred aircraft and base depending on what is available at that time. There may only be one choice available. There may be more. The bidder with the highest seniority (usually based on age) is awarded their bid first. The aircraft awarded will dictate whether or not you’ll be doing any regional or international flying.



Generally speaking, most new hires at a major airline fly domestically for several years before switching over to international. This is based on seniority, but sometimes the international type airplanes do have vacancies on them that are filled by new hire pilots. It is rare, but it does happen.