Major airline!

I am new here. Do major airline accept an online degree program? The 1000 hour requirement for Airline Transport Pilot License, is it only if, you get a degree in aviation major or it works with any major?
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Major airlines have no issue with online degrees (provided its from a reputable school). However the 1000hr R-ATP only applies if your training is done as part of an approved university aviation degree program.

In other words of you earn your licenses and ratings and either before or after get an aviation degree (either online or traditionally) you will not get the 500hr credit.


Welcome to the forum! Online degrees are accepted but just make sure you do your research and make sure they are accredited and reputable. You don’t want to get to the panel interview and they say, "what university is that, I’ve never heard of it”. As for the R-ATP with 1000 hours, you would only qualify for that if you went to an approved part 141 aviation program. These programs can be found at Embry riddle, University of North Dakota, Purdue, etc. Simply doing an aviation degree doesn’t qualify you for it.


The majors will accept online degrees, just make sure the degree comes from a reputable school, preferably one with an actual physical presence somewhere.

To qualify for an ATP at 1,000 you will need to have done your flight training as part of a college that has an approved program. I suspect you will find that this will take much longer in the end and cost more than other alternatives, thus negating the value of getting the 500 hour reduction.


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Anytime. Let us know how else we can help you.