Management positions

Hi pilots,

I am curious on how the management works on the airlines as a pilot. Are pilots offered this position after enough seniority? Do pilots get paid extra for these management positions? Or are these positions are volunteered? Would these management positions give you a boost on the resume?

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  1. Mgmt positions do not go based on seniority. They’re advertised and all are welcome to apply.

  2. Generally no. They’re are often salaried positions and many pilots earn more flying than as managers. Obviously it depends on the position.

  3. Volunteering is often how people start if mgmt is their goal. You’ll get paid your normal hourly rate so it’s not really voluntary and is usual assisting the Chief Pilot etc.

  4. They’d boost your resume if again your goal is to be mgmt but not as far as being a pilot. In fact it’s often joked that people take those positions because they can’t fly or are scared.



Adam answered your questions, so I will not simply repeat him. I will add though that I have never seen the point of going to flight school, building flight time, and working like crazy to get through airline training, to then apply for a job flying a desk. I love flying airplanes, it is the reason I became a pilot. I for one just cannot imagine working a desk job.