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March ‘20 Schedule

Good eve, all! Hope everyone is safe, healthy and making the best of their time.

Flying-wise, had one event on March 4 which I’ll get to later. The rest of the month was business as usual aside from the lighter loads. For the most part, passengers were calm and cooperative. No disruptions on my flights.

The reason for the days listed as JLAN was my doing. I decided to take a voluntary isolation period after receiving a call from my Base Chief Pilot about a passenger on one of my flights that had been admitted to the hospital. Paid voluntary isolation was offered to me at my discretion. Although the event was considered low risk, I decided to self isolate anyway. I’d rather do it and find out I didn’t need to than vice versa. Plus, I could use a break from all the attention the airlines are getting. Sure has been a nice change of pace. As an amateur tailor I’ve been enjoying the long hours in front of my new machine.

ANYWAY, March 4: first medical emergency. Hypoglycemic passenger let their blood sugar get too low. We got the call from the Flight Attendants at top of descent. As the FAs, and ICU nurse onboard tended to the passenger, the FO relayed info between MEDLINK and the FAs while I flew under priority ATC handling. Paramedics met us at the aircraft and took the passenger inside for more treatment. We were relieved to learn that our passenger was recovering and we were fortunate to have a couple hours on the ground before our next flight to regroup.