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Gotcha thanks. So on a 4-5 hour flight, you can only get up to use the restroom or can you generally just stand for a few min? I’m just trying to gauge what a pilot is allowed to do in-between crucial moments other than their duties.



We are prohibited from reading while in the cockpit. Generally we converse with the other pilot, monitor the systems, fuel consumption, weather, etc. It is actually a bit busier than you might think. Pilots are expected to use the facilities and return promptly to the cockpit. Every moment is one system failure away from being a crucial moment.


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As Chris said you’re supposed to keep the bathroom breaks short. As for standing and stretching your legs (or anything else) alot has to do with the cockpit. If you’re flying an RJ or 717 there isn’t a whole lot of room to do much but when you start talking widebodies they can actually be quite spacious.


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Chris, Adam,

Thanks for the insight on this, I was always curious.