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March 2021 Schedule

March was my first month back after being out for a year due to a combination of covid and a medical issue. I flew a three day trip and then had reserve for the rest of the month, but was not called on any of my reserve days.

  1. Off
  2. Off
  3. Off
  4. Off
  5. Off
  6. Off
  7. Off
  8. ORD-GRR
  9. All day in GRR
  11. Off
  12. Off
  13. Off
  14. Reserve
  15. Reserve
  16. Reserve
  17. Off
  18. Off
  19. Reserve
  20. Reserve
  21. Reserve
  22. Reserve
  23. Reserve
  24. Reserve
  25. Off
  26. Off
  27. Off
  28. Off
  29. Off
  30. Off
  31. Reserve - I dropped the day.


Quick question, do you get paid for reserve?


Yes, about 4 hours of pay per day.

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Hey Chris,

What happens if you get called towards the end of your reserve period? Like on the last day? Do they have to get your back same day? Or does your schedule shift and you get a 3 day trip starting on day 3 of your reserve?




The answer to your question can vary from airline to airline. In general if it’s your last day they’re limited in what they can assign you (although many airlines do have single day trips). Most however do allow (if they’re short on pilots) the company to “roll” your days off. There are also provisions that make some days off “guaranteed” or “immovable” and those days can’t be rolled. Finally many allow you to allow them, with your consent, for additional days off or pay.

This is what we’re referring to when we talk about “work rules”.



Generally they have to have us finished by the end of our last day of reserve. There are some instances when they can make one work into a day off, but it is rare.


Thanks guys, do the rules tend to get a little better (more favorable to the pilots) once you hit the majors (vs regionals)? Or is it seniority based? Meaning junior pilots might get their schedules pushed more based on need than senior pilots?


Some Majors have better work rules, but not all. Regardless seniority rules everything. In fact contractually they MUST use junior pilots first in reverse seniority order. Hence the term “junior manned” which means you got your days off rolled.



I would say that majors generally have better work rules, but seniority always rules the day.