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March ‘21 Schedule: 4 Years at Horizon

If my math is right I should receive 78.85 credits for March. Had to call in sick after I received my first COVID Vax and then I called in fatigued at the end of the month. My sick time is not reflected in my totals above.

As of today, I completed my 4th year with Horizon! It’s hard to believe it’s already been 4. Even harder to believe I only started flying 7 years ago. With a family on the way I plan to stick around for a few more years. Working for Horizon has been a wonderful experience. I consider myself to be very lucky to have been hired when times were never better. I could not be luckier to be in my position, especially considering what thousands of airline pilots have had to endure this past year.

Have a wonderful Easter, everyone!



The time flies so fast. I am in fifteenth year of being an airline pilot. It feels like just yesterday that I was going my first solo.


Yes I definitely consider myself very fortunate all things considered during this past year. I started the exact same time as Chris (we actually interviewed together. I disliked him immediately :wink: ). Though we’ve taken different paths I think he’d agree it’s been a wonderful journey. Tempus fugit!