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March 21 schedule

This month credited 51 hours. A bit of a slower month hours wise due to a home standby stint and some planes down in MX. Luckily I get paid by the day, not the hour. Home standby was a welcomed change of pace. Pretty cool to get paid for a full days work sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring. The travel days were travel to or from a plane so no flying those days but still full paid days as well.


I see a LNS in your schedule, that’s right down the road from my hometown. Crazy to think we were flying the same day in the same area, just never knew it!


Small world! Listen up on the radio, you never know who you’ll hear!


I heard my father on Shanwick Radio once. Pretty cool.

I was on the opposite side of HAR that day which would’ve been the west side frequency. Really nice individuals out of that controlling agency. One night they had a pilot going to Philadelphia and told them to grab them a cheesesteak, I asked the controller if they would get me an omelet at the one diner right up the street from the tower.

Chris that had to be a really cool feeling! Going to guess that Shanwick is an oceanic frequency?


Yes, Shanwick Radio is the interface with Shanwick Oceanic Control. They control the area from 30 West, to the area approaching the Irish coastline.

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