Mario - Introduction

Hey my name is Mario I am 17 years old and my first question is what is a intro flight? and i am graduating next year from high school and then going to collage and i want to become a pilot what would be good for me to major on?


Welcome to the forums and thanks for posting! An introductory flight is exactly that, it is a first instruction flight in a small airplane. During an introductory flight you will get some very basic instruction while you get a feel for what it is like to actually fly an airplane. It is a great way to see if you really want to fly for a living.

As to a college major, I would recommend studying something that is different than flying, this will give you a backup plan if something should happen to your ability to fly. My major was in business administration, I know pilots who have majored in all sorts of different topics. Where you are you thinking of attending college?



Yes I plan on attend collage once I get out of high school and finding this website as really good because I was lost so if you have any advice it would really be helpful. For instance things i can do now at my age that well help me in becoming a pilot.


The best things you could do right now are to continue to learn about the industry and get your college degree. While you are in college focus on getting good grades as airlines will look at your college transcripts.

I recommend reading Smithsonian Air and Space to get a feel for the history of aviation and Aviation Week and Space Technology to see where we are going. There are plenty of their magazines and books that will help introduce you to aviation as well.

When you ride on an airliner ask to talk to the pilots, most of us love having future pilots visit with us on the ground and are happy to share our insights.

If you really want to get ambitious you could begin studying for your private pilot written exam, but I feel that right now focusing on college will serve you best in the long run.


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