Real Answers from Real Pilots

May ‘20 Schedule

Not a bad month, all things considered. Couldn’t hold a line, but was able to pick up some trips on my OFF days. Should receive 100 credits for the month.

I believe there were about 60 E175 CA lines for May. June has over 100 lines, and the company has added more last minute flying to Open Time. That’s a pretty significant improvement.

I’ll be back on the line in June. Although, it’s always good to spend a little extra time at home. We’ve been able to accomplish a lot of planning for the wedding which has actually changed quite a bit. Our destination wedding has turned into an intimate local wedding and to be honest I actually like this idea better.

Anyway, flying-wise it feels like airports are starting to get busier, but it’s hard to know if they really are busier or if airlines have done a better job of consolidating their schedules or both.

For the most part, passengers have been cooperative, but I’ve been noticing a lot of grim faces on a lot of pilots’ faces, and rightfully so. I am very thankful for the position that I am in. I do not take it for granted. I have tremendous empathy for those whose careers are on the line. Being relatively new to the industry this situation has taught me an invaluable lesson and has changed the way I will plan for my future.