May 28 start

Hello all,
I have left my job yesterday, and this Monday I am locking my start date for May 28. This gives me just over four months to complete all the written exams. I can’t describe how happy I am to finally achieve my childhood dream. I worked at a high end jewelry store and the management was very supportive. They even let me keep my keys to the jewelry cases as they want me to help them for valentines weekend. I’m so happy this is finally happening.


Congrats and that’s great news!

Not to be negative but how about you’re starting down the path to achieving your childhood dream? Unless of course your childhood dream was to sign up with ATP? :wink:


Fair enough :slight_smile:


Sounds like things are all starting to come together. Thanks for the update, keep letting us know about your progress.


Things are coming together for sure. I will keep you updated.


Quick status update. I locked my start day for May 28.


That is great news! Congratulations.

Thank you Chris! I’m very excited.

Update: Finished all training and safety bulletins. Working on communications and radar services king schools.

Quick update. Private written is finished, next is instrument.

That is great. Keep up the good work.

Thanks Chris. Instrument is next.