May Schedule / Recurrent Training

May Schedule / Recurrent Training

1st-21st - Off
22nd - Ground School
23rd - Ground School
24th - Off
25th - Off
26th - Simulator Training
27th - Simulator Training
28th - Simulator Training
29th-31st - Off

26 Days off this month.

Thanks to our 75hr monthly reserve guarantee and training pay, I’ll credit 98 Hours for 5 days of work.
We still have no flying in New York and OT has been scarce. Hoping to get some flying in June.

Recurrent was rather uneventful. Before showing up we have to complete online learning which is mainly aircraft systems, as well as company policy and a few other topics.

Ground school covers company policy, emergency procedures and equipment, fatigue, and ends with a knowledge test on systems. Pretty straight forward and not difficult if you come prepared.

Day one of Sim training is Extended Envelope Training. This is when we get to do things we would never get the chance in the real plane. Stalls, from 500ft to 37,000ft, upset recovery, steep turns, and anything we’ve wanted to try time permitting.

Day two in the Simulator is our Maneuvers Validation. Approaches, Engine Failures, Single Engine go arounds, Rejected takeoffs, etc.

Day three is our systems validation oral exam and our “Checkride”. It’s a simulated flight from A-B with some kind of emergency or other event. You are observed as a crew and work through it as though it was a normal flight.

All in all, Recurrent was very straight forward and not a big deal as long as you are prepared. Good to fly another year!

Stay safe and keep flying everyone!


Thank you for posting your schedule.