Mco base

I’m sure it’ll change before I’m ever to a legacy airline, if I get the opportunity at one.

But as of now, Didn’t United open a MCO base, if so how long would it take to get MCO as a base?

It is currently a 737 base. There is good reason to believe TPA will become a satellite base. My guess is under a year for the foreseeable future, probably even faster than that. (Like you said, it can change dramatically though).

I commute TPA to EWR. It can be very full when commuting, but doable. Usually not bad getting to work, sometimes hard getting back.

Chris F


Right now MCO is a pretty senior base compared to most. You won’t get it straight out of new hire class. You could expect EWR, IAH or SFO then hope for a transfer later on. Don’t expect a lot of movement there. It’s a small base with very senior guys who have been commuting for a while. They are parked there and won’t leave until retirement.