Mechanic to pilot

Hello,I’m 29 yo I’m an aircraft technician for a major and have 4 years with this major and 7 in the field,I want to start my ATP training and I want to heard some advices on working on my weekend as my work gives me a lot of flexibility and I get a lot of free time at work. I know is a five in all training but like many here,I have bills to pay and responsibilities.


This topic come up often. ATP is a full-time commitment and you cannot work while in the program if you want to be successful.



It really is not possible to both work and attend ATP. The program is highly condensed and you will need the flexibility of scheduling. Remember that your future as an airline pilot depends on your success in training. LEt’s say you end up skipping some studying, or not being well rested because you are at work and fail a check ride or two. One bust is probably not a big deal, but two is and will seriously jeopardize your chances of getting to a major. ATP is a full time commitment for many different reasons.