Medical Certification

I’m 33yrs old aspiring to be a pilot from zero. I’m happy to be part of this forum. I used to be part of the old forum so I have learnt pretty much. This is my first post on this platform but I have read every single information here and they are of great help, thanks for your great mentoring. I was learning over the counter :yum::slight_smile:

I planned starting training with ATP some months back but the unfortunate happened along the line (accident) so I had to wait for recovery.

To cut things short, according to my AME, it’s uncertain if my medical application will be approved since he must defer it for review because of my medical reports ( MRI shows herniated disc in the Lumbar Spine). I’ve treated it for four month and on no meds again.

  1. If I get examined and I fail to get the approval, and maybe appeal also fails, can I apply again in future or that’s the end of my dream?
  2. How severe is the impact from the cockpit upon touchdown?

Just this for now. My issue sounds technical but I trust you guys, hopefully I will get something if not equal, almost equal to the answer.


Hi Issifu and welcome back,

Sorry to hear about your accident and I wish you a full recovery soon. To be honest your AME would be the best source of information you’re going to find. From what I understand if you receive a denial (a failure) as you said you can appeal. If that gets denied you can in fact reapply BUT one of the first questions on the FAA Medical application is “have you ever been denied or lost your medical?” (I’m paraphrasing). The AME will then ask you what’s changed since then and what proof do you have? (new MRI, surgery, etc). Basically you need to prove to them that whatever was an issue in the past is not an issue any longer. Make sense?

As for your second question that really depends who’s making the landing now doesn’t it? (sorry, I know this is a serious is subject but I had to). All kidding aside the landing, if performed properly shouldn’t be an “impact” at all (which is why we “roll it on”). That said I’ve seen some real pounders but even those shouldn’t be cause for concern. But, if your injuries are such that’s really a cause for concern you might have to start thinking of a different career?


Thanks a lot for your emotions, it has been crazy but it’s part of life, bad things do happen at times. Trust me, I can sleep very well tonight because I never thought one could ever qualify with spinal surgery in future. I don’t even believe my situation is up to surgery. My Dr. has not said it and I hate the knife too.

I’m happy it doesn’t hurt on landing as well. I thought it could aggravate old injuries to maybe cause premature retirement from the cockpit.

Thanks again for the insight and the quick response.

Thanks Adam. My issue isn’t of great concern but I guess ignorance is a disease which needs a cure that’s why I sought for your knowledge. I’ve got the cure from you now and won’t dream of it again.

Your answer to the certificate issue is very appreciated and I will work towards full recovery before getting the first examination because I understand you to fix things and get it first time easily than to be required to show more proofs at second time and pay twice too, ($400) from few AME’s I’ve spoken to in New York.

Thanks again.

Hi Everyone,
I have two questions for you please. 1) Do you have to take a test before ‘ATP CERTIFICATE’ is issued after hitting the 1500hrs or not? 2) Does the application for Restricted Radio Communication License require any test as well, who needs it at all and who doesn’t need it?


Hey Issifu,

  1. Yes, in fact you need to take 2 tests prior to earning your ATP. An FAA Knowledge Test (125 multiple choice questions) and the a Practical Test (oral and flight test). In most cases however the airline that hires you will administer the Practical exam at the conclusion of your training as a “Type ride”, earning you your ATP license and the Type rating for the specific airplane you’ll be flying.

  2. FCC License, no test. Just fill out the application online and pay the fee (I believe it’s $65?). You need one as a US licensed pilot who’s “transmitting” outside of the US. I’ve only had to show mine in Asia but most airlines require one.


Helpful enough, thanks again.