Medical requirements...hearing

I currently have the class a faa medical but I am scared ill get to the end of all the licenses then airliners will require a more detailed medical exam and I will fail due hearing… anyone know if airliners go beyond what class a requires?


Did you mean a First Class Medical?

As long as you can hold and maintain your medical you’ll be fine. The airlines will not subject you to any additional medical examination. That’s what the medical certificate is for. If you still have concerns then you need to be addressing your concerns with your medical examiner.


Ok thank you and yes I ment the first class medical…that gives me hope now I’ll actually try for my pilots license


In the past I heard of airlines doing their own medical exams, but I have not heard any of that for a very long time. Generally, as long as you can hold a First Class FAA medical, you will be fine.

Now if you obviously having hearing issues, it might make the interview a bit more difficult and could give some airlines pause for thought.



My airline actually has a clause in the contract stating the airline cannot go above FAA First Class requirements.