Meet up

Hello Students/ instructors,

I’m just came to California from Amsterdam, the Netherlands to check out the ATP locations here.
If anybody would be interested in having a chat at the airport or at any other place.
I would be happy to buy you a beer and just hear some of your experiences!
Up until saturday I’m at the Carlsbad location and next week at the Camarillo location.
My phone number is 142 4413 0560

Kind regards,
Michael Verheul


Just to be sure, are you aware of the residency/citizenship requirements for training and working in the United States?


Hello Chris,

Thanks for your concerns!
I’m an American citizen, but live in the Netherlsnds. I meet all the requirements depending only on the financing.

Kind regards,


If no one reaches out to you, don’t forget that there is a lot of helpful information right here on this forum. I would argue that you would be able to get a more comprehensive understanding of the program just by reading this forum. If you want to tour any of the training centers you’ll need to schedule an appointment by calling ATP at 904-595-7950.