MGIB-AD for ATP Flight School

To whom this may concern:

I am interested in the program in Atlanta, once I move back in the next year and a half. However, I have a few questions.

Question #1: If I live near the Atlanta location, do I have to pay the $8,0000 fee for living?

Question #2: If I do not have to pay the fee, what would be my current price for the 9 Month Fast Track (50 Hours Multi)?

Question #3: I have the MGIB, but I can transfer it to the Post-9/11. From what I am reading, the MGIB-AD can cover 60% of the approved cost… would that actually cover 60% of the total price?

Question #4: If it does cover 60% of the cost, what would my total be?

I have read recommendations on just attending college, but I have a B.S. in Aviation Business from Embry-Riddle. So, should I just obtain my MBA in the meantime?


As for your first 2 questions, they’re answered very clearly on the ATP website ( but since you asked:

  1. As it says “ADD $8,000” for housing. If you don’t need it, you don’t add it.

  2. Again as it says the price for the 9 Month Fast Track is $69,995.

As for the 3 and 4 ATP does not qualify for MGIB as they’re not a Part 141 school. I could bore you with details but the short answer is that ATP could not offer a program as accelerated as they do under Part 141. You can however use your benefits for checkride fees which would save you around $7000.

Finally while I would never discourage anyone from continuing their education, if you’re doing it to advance your career as a pilot there’s really no point. Airlines want pilot’s with flight experience and the Majors would be more than satisfied with your BS.



Thank you. I felt the question was a bit superfluous at first, but I just wanted to verify.

I’m probably just going to hold off from the MBA and focus on flight school, once I get out of the Air Force.