Mild Color Blindness and the First Class Medical Exam

Aloha, I am a student who has had a life long dream of becoming an airline pilot, however I do experience mild color blindness and am unable to pass the Ishihara and other plated color tests. Is there any hope for taking an alternative test such as the farnsworth lantern and still being certified as 1st class medical? If so, is anyone aware of any locations that offer such a test?


I know you’re looking for some hope or encouragement but every case is different and one person’s abilities may be better or worse than another’s. This is why you need to contact a good AME for a consult and discuss your options. Maybe speak to the instructors at your flight school or other pilots at your home airport and see if they know a good reputable AME who can either help you or direct you to someone who can.

AMAS might also be able to help.



It really depends on which colors you have issues seeing and if you can pass a test such as the Farnsworth lantern test. I am with Adam, a call to AMAS would be a good idea. Be prepared though that this process will cost you some money, AMAS can help give you an idea of that as well.



The AME will know the best path to head down. I’ve heard of it working out for some but it is a long and difficult process.

I found a resource online that could be helpful: