Military ATP conversion timing


I am a current military pilot with about 3300 hrs total time in C-17A and BE1900 aircraft, looking to complete an ATP-CTP course combined with practical ATP directly after. My goal is to have a CJO by a major airline around 1 September, which is when I would be eligible to separate from active duty.

My current issue is that class dates for most Military ATP conversion classes that offer VA tuition assistance are mostly booked through May-Jun of 2023. Is that enough lead time for a 1 Sep start date, or would it be better to go out of pocket for an earlier class date (March vs. May) to give more lead time to publish my applications and start the hiring process?

Thanks in advance for the help and advice!


I think that’s cutting it a little close. When you apply to any Major the question will be “do you currently have your ATP Cert?”. Not will you be getting it and there are only 2 answers, yes or no.

You need to apply, get an interview and then receive an offer of a class date. All of which can take some time. Sooner would be better.



Thanks much for the prompt reply! From your response I’ll look into earlier class dates even though they’ll incur more out of pocket expense.



Finishing an ATP-CTP class in May or June is in no way enough time to work through the application process for the major airlines. Once you hit the submit button it will take time for your application to be reviewed. If you are selected to interview that will take time to set up and then class dates are often times offered several months in advance. To be honest, you probably should have already started the process if you are hoping to have a class date by September 1.