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Hi, not sure what category this should go to, but anyways I’m a soon to be college graduate with a bachelors degree, live in Massachusetts, don’t really have good income and am pursuing a career goal in becoming a military aviator preferably in the Air Force. I don’t have any personal flight training and I am guessing that MS fsx simulator does not count for anything. I heard to become a military aviator is not as strict as before. Can ATP help me get a ppl to get the higher edge of being selected by the board? I’m 27.


:grimacing: I think you need to reevaluate your reasons for joining the AF. Your reasons for joining should be to serve. Flying is always secondary and never guaranteed. AF is an 8-10 year commitment. Is that what you really want to do? Or do you just want free flight training?

ATP can not help you earn your PPL. ATP has two full time programs that take you all the way to being an instructor and that’s it.


I forgot to mention that I am wanting to serve our country and also as a kid I been fascinated with planes; fighter jets the most. Yes I know it is an 8-10 year commitment. I am sure there is no such thing as free flight training? If CW Lemoine says go for your dream then why not.

Here’s some more reading for you: Military as a Path to an Airline Flightdeck


As Tory said you cannot get your PPL with ATP, further, as far as I know, the AirForce neither desires or requires any flight experience.

Your best source for this info would be an Air Force recruiter or an Air Force forum.


Read, doesn’t faze me.

But I believe having flight experience or your PPL could give you a higher edge according to the Air Force board.

It wasn’t intended to “faze” you. I’ve answered your questions and I provided that link to help give you more background. If you truly believe that earning your PPL will increase your odds then any other local flight school will be able to provide you the training. As Adam said, I would consult with AF Recruiter.


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Hello You all,
I am retired Armor Crewman ,ARMY, 22 yrs, changing my career again … is their any discount /acentitives that ATP gives the the Veterian?


Not that I’ve ever heard of.


None that I’m aware of. You can use your GI bill to pay for things like examiner fees and written tests, but that’s it.


Right I know ah wrong choice of words don’t know what I said faze. So ATP can’t help me then.

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Unfortunately not.

went last week for my physical, was told i would be deferred at first. and then all the questions…long story short, PTSD/TBI are hard to overcome with the FAA, I could fight it and pass with no issues in several years…but the cost to get that done 6.5k, and age 50. Dont seem to work for me. I will just have to stick to my simulator flying for now. Thanks for all the help and inspiration.


Sorry to hear that.

What is TBI?


I know I’m not Lloyd but it means “Traumatic Brain Injury”

TBI-Traumatic Brain Injury, I got this during the Iraq conflict