Military History

Hello, I am currently saving money start flight training. I am getting close and I knew from the first intro flight that I want to fly.

I do have one area of concern that I’ve run into when applying for law enforcement jobs. I have an uncharacteristized frauadulent enlistment on my DD-214 back when I was 18 (nearly 10 years ago) for not disclosing medical information (At the direction of the recruiter). Long story short, it was a mistake and I should have known better and disclosed everything anyway. I’ve since moved on to hold a bachelors degree and am a contributing member of society. I am also in the process of trying to get the form changed to an erroneous enlistment due to the underlying circumstances.

My question is, where this has hurt efforts in attempting law enforcement careers, do airlines look harshly on these as well and will it hurt my chances of been taken seriously as a applicant for a job as a pilot?

I have also already paid for and received a 1st class medical certificate.


It is hard to say, but it sounds like you realized that you made a mistake and learned from it. We all make mistakes in life, especially as teenagers. I wouldn’t worry too much about this, but you could always call the recruiting departments of a few regionals and ask them directly, just to be sure.


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