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Military Pilot, low hours, accomplished a lot of training

I am 28 yr old. USAFA grad, but less hours with the KC-135 Tanker-350hrs. I have my commercial also after T-1 Jayhawk military pilot training. Would ATP have a modified or tailored program that helps gain more hours for larger multi-engine aircraft? I would like to skip much of the ground training and put my money where it counts–in the sky!

Also, does the R-ATP require any specific type of aircraft to build the hours on?

If there are more options or suggestions for gaining hours for the R-ATP I would love it. Thanks for the help!


ATP does offer custom training programs but it doesn’t really sound like it’s training you need? Unless you’re looking to get your CFIs and flight instruct but that would require a fair amount of ground school which it doesn’t sound like you’re interested in.

The R-ATP doesn’t mention any specific flight time and ATP does offer the ATP-CTP course that you’d require. Beyond that you’re in the same boat as any other low time pilot. You need to scour the internet looking for jobs which unfortunately are somewhat scarce at the moment.


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Well, as you pointed out hiring may be slim pickings with my limited hours. Expanding my horizons would be a good idea and doing ground school to become a CFI sounds like a good time. I’m sure it’s demanding on time, work ethic, and money, but sure sounds worth it. As I gathered on the forums, variety in flying keeps things fun, but also gets you noticed. I don’t want to be a one-trick pony as they say. Thanks for the guidance!

No problem Edison,

Id call ATP and have a conversation.



I also would recommend getting your CFI licenses, it really is the best way to build flight time and you will learn much from the experience. Also, it will be tough with having only 350 hours to get any other sort of job.

ATP is mostly geared towards students starting from zero hours of having their PPL, but it would certainly be worth calling therm to see what they can offer.