Mom is terrified of me becoming a pilot what should i do?

My name Jack of chi-town and I’m 14 years old so you may think that I am just to young to be considering it but my mom has always had a phobia of flying and especially of me becoming a professional pilot when I grow up and I’ve tried everything to reassure her but nothing is working! So what should I do? I also thought that a professional pilots point of view would also help.


Thanks all!

Hi Jack,

Moms can be stubborn, especially when it comes to their children. That’s is not a bad thing. I don’t know your mother or how “reasonable” she can be but I’ve always been a fan of hitting people with the facts. The reality is aviation is far and away the safest means of transportation in the world. in real numbers 20 times more people die in car crashes in ONE YEAR than have in the HISTORY of commercial aviation. Bounce that off her.


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Thanks so much Adam I’ll get right on that one!

If this is something you want to do then express it to her. I’m a firefighter and my mom hated the idea of me going into this career. But she knew that it is what I wanted and she accepted that. So if becoming a pilot is something you want to be. Express it. Show passion for it. And she will learn to accept it.

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Right! My mom fully supports me on the aviation career and all that good stuff but she just isn’t on board with it. If that makes any sense what so ever.

Thank you for your service!

  • Jack
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I think I understand. Just keep up with the passion. Maybe you can help her get over the fear.