Money an issue?

For the first 6 months of the flight school, was money an issue for anyone? I plan to get the $80K Loan for tuition ($5,000 and rent money included) but dont know how much I need to save up before moving to school. tips?

It’s all gonna depend on you. Make a budget and stick to it if needed. I found my budget, for the last 3 months at least, has been accurate except that I eat out a lot More than I was planning to mainly because of the social aspect of it. When people want to go get a bite to eat I’ll tag along, if money was really tight I would watch closer how much I ate out. Overall, the biggest piece of advice I could give you is make a budget, give yourself some wiggle room, and do your best to stick to it!

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Thank you, Tucker. I plan to make a list of expenses ill have and then out to eat money/extra money.
I appreciate it.

Another easy question about housing, I plan to stay in Jacksonville, FL. Im not sure if all housing is the same in all states but wondering if housing is furnished with printers, tvs,etc?? things like that to have easy access. Don’t plan to go out and buy anything, I just have a lot of stuff and wanting to figure out what could be useful.


Best advice I can give you is to start looking at your bank statements if
you use a credit/debit card. Or save your receipts if you use cash. Use
that info to figure out how much you need to live off of. Also look at ways
to cut back on spending.


Great idea, thanks Tory.


The apartments are fully furnished with furniture, kitchen
cookware/bakeware, plates etc. They have TVs in them, but no printers. The
training centers have printers, computers and fax machines though.


Thank you Tory.

I’ll say my apartment did not have a TV. One of my roomates bought one, but it is his and will leave when he does. They don’t have printers but the training centers have printers you can use.

If you are ever in need of anything furniture, cookware, etc… you can talk to the training center manager to get that figured out.

Tory, Hi,

Are the apartments close?

Are they always full?

How much are they a week?

Just a general ball park question, I don’t need the directions or address or anything . Jacksonville.

Also do you guys do i10 for training for students from the land of the pilgrim fathers?


All of the apartments should be within a 15-20 minute drive from the
Training Center.

They are not always full. Not every student/instructor uses them. So, there
are months when they’re empty and months when they are completely full. The
rooms are double occupancy.

Here is a link for pricing:

I don’t fully understand your last question. After a quick Google search I
saw something about hypoxic training…is that what you’re referring to?


On this same topic but slightly different issue. When financing ATP school did anyone face any real troubles paying it back with interest?? 70K plus deferred interest adds up fast. Please share any and all experiences or tips that any of you may have? Thanks!