Money is tight

Im going to finance through one of the lenders ATP recommends. My finances will be VERY tight. Is it possible to request more than i need when i get my loan and pocket the rest to help with expenses? Thank you for any insight. Also does ATP have an option for long sleeve ATP shirts? Even in Scottsdale id rather wear long sleeves. Im a ginger (the sun is my enemy) and it would also help me maintain a more professional look by covering my tattoos.


Provided the lender approves it, adding a stipend for expenses is a very common practice.

I don’t believe ATP has long sleeve polos (I could be mistaken) but you could always wear long sleeves under you polo or a zip-up over. If you’ve got ink you better get used to wearing long sleeves FOREVER.


Heeeey I trained out of Scottsdale :slight_smile: you’ll like the instructors there, very patient and knowledgeable, even the brand new ones. I have to say I have not seen any ATP student with long sleeve, ever so I doubt that be an option however Adam is quite right, people always wear zip up shirts over their ATP polos, might not work well in 120 degree weather but it’s an option.
Do enjoy your training !