More Speeding Ticket Questions

Whats up guys. First of all, thanks for providing so much value and inspiration to myself and others on here. It’s truly great to be able to ask sincere questions to real people in the industry. My question today is unfortunately not one I would like to be posting about, but I’m sure that asking about my situation (if anything) can help others learn from my mistake, or at least shed light on similar situations.

Heres the situation: About a year ago (turned 26 years old the month before this), I got a ticket for 99 in a 55. I was driving home on the interstate the day I finished my bachelor’s degree to visit family and celebrate my graduation/endeavor.

This was my third traffic speeding ticket in 10 years (the other two were for speeding like 10 over kinda thing when I was 18/19 years old) . I have no misdemeanors or criminal record.

However, when I was pulled over, I admitted to my mistake immediately, admitted I was going too fast, and the police officer was very understanding and a really good dude overall. He wrote me up for the following:

  1. Workzone speeding (99 in 55) – workers not present.
  2. Wreck-less driving

The good news is, I never got charged with Wreck-less driving, and somehow, my ticket was cheaper than any other ticket I’ve ever paid. I paid online, done deal.

Although I had no idea it was a 55 zone, and 130 miles of this interstate were under construction (but still had 70 MPH posted as speed-limits/55 when blinking), where I was apparently was the small strip that was the exception. I saw this was true driving home a few weeks later. However, not an excuse.

The experience made me realize in full that my actions could have not only hurt somebody, but could have put a career I’ve always wanted out of the picture. And I am grateful in a way that it happened because it gave me a much deeper appreciation for why we have the laws that we do, how much I truly want a career in aviation, and that what I do everyday in every moment makes an impact on my future (and others too – such as their safety).

I didn’t have any ratings at the time (I’m currently working towards the Private with the money I make with the job I got out of school).

My question: Should I let this affect my decision to continue on with either ATP or commercial flying in the future? Although I know that this incident does not in anyway reflect my true nature, these were in fact my actions. The incident certainly won’t be a positive thing in an interview, but do you guys think that this will be a game stopper? Although the police officer said it wouldn’t, it would probably be best to ask the pilots. It’s been in the back of my mind as I build time and save $ for this, so I thought I would ask.

Thanks again guys! God Bless


This question comes up from time to time as your situation is not that unique. What I do want to say first is I sincerely appreciate your candor and acceptance of responsibility. Nothing makes me more insane than when we get a similar situation but the writer starts with “it wasn’t fault” or “what’s the big deal?”.

Anyway short answer is no I would not let this dissuade you. I would of course recommend you do a better job of policing yourself and make sure it never happens again but here’s the deal. The Regionals are desperate for bodies and while they don’t like speeders, there was no alcohol or drugs involved so you should be fine there. The Majors however are still not fans BUT you have time on your hands. You’ve got a good 6+ yrs to distance yourself from this nonsense and that should be more than sufficient.

Just remember there’s no speed limit above 10,000’, save it for then :wink:



I am with Adam on this one. It is good to see you owning your actions, keep that attitude. You should be fine, but keep a clean driving, criminal and FAA record. Not even one more ticket.