Motion sickness

I get motion sickness sometimes from being a passenger on airplanes. Often times I take Dramamine to help with this motion sickness. If I decide to be a pilot , will this disqualify me ? If so, what are somethings pilots or crew members do to help get use to air sickness?

Thanks in advance!


If the only way you can not get stuck is taking Dramamine then yes you have a problem. Also no that sitting upfront in the cockpit of a small plane is a very different experience than being in the back as a passenger. I strongly recommend you take an intro flight or lesson at your local flight school and see what you’re really in for before you proceed any further.



Food, water, rest, and focus on the horizon. Like Adam said, take a couple intro flights and see how you do. Let your CFI know when you meet them.


Dramamine is definitely a disqualifier as it causes drowsiness.

I had motion sickness issues when I first started flight training. A friend showed me the Relief Band on Amazon. I used it for the maybe a month and I don’t have anymore issues.

My wife has used it in the passenger seat in the car and she doesn’t get sick at all.

Thanks to all for the advices. I checked the relief band on amazon and it cost quite a lot (almost $200 for the latest version). But I guess is the price you have to pay.

I bought the older one that is much more affordable.